Community Care Day, Wednesday 10/7

Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to remind you about the upcoming Community Care Day on Wednesday, October 7th. Join us on zoom from 10am to 11:30am here (passcode: VC2020) for an opening on that day, which will end with a pause for an all-campus mindful moment. Please see the PDF version with more details of the day’s activities. 

The overarching theme of Community Care Day is to practice care for all members of the Vassar community—or students and for one another as colleagues. In this spirit, you will notice that many of our events are open to and celebrate both employees and students. Be sure to check out the appreciation opportunities where you can write cards or use side-walk chalk to express gratitude to a student, colleague or Poughkeepsie community members. 

We are especially excited and glad that so many of you are enthusiastic about the employee mutual appreciation on that day—a program that includes both administrative offices and academic departments. Please see the Community Care Pairings PDF for a reminder of the office or department you have been assigned. There are a few different ways your team can choose to appreciate your assigned office/department. You could choose to appreciate each individual employee within that department/office or the department/office as a whole.  We encourage low or no-cost appreciations, such as a video greeting or thoughtful poster/card. Be creative, be safe and adhere to the college standards, and have fun. The goal of this activity is to practice community care in both receiving and giving. 

We are grateful for all you do to support the Vassar community everyday and look forward to celebrating alongside you on Wednesday, October 7th.

With Care,

Wendy Maragh Taylor, Associate Dean of the College for Student Growth & Engagement and Community Care Team Chair

Sarah Garijo-Garde, ’20, First Year Experience & Community Care Program Associate