Grand Challenges and the Story Collider

Dear all,

Whether we work in a lab or haven't taken a science class since high school, science shapes each of our lives. And that means we all have science stories to tell.

Storytelling has become a force at Vassar, bringing people together across disciplines and backgrounds, and the Grand Challenges program is excited to bring The Story Collider ( ) to campus to help us learn to tell our stories about how science affects our lives.

This includes a storytelling workshop on February 21, followed by a storytelling show at the Martel Theater on April 28 at which several Vassar faculty, students, and staff will present their stories developed during the workshop.

The Story Collider combines expertise from producing live shows with insight from psychology and social science research about the effect of narrative, and focus it all on true, personal stories about science. Science touches everyone’s lives, therefore everyone has stories. We enthusiastically welcome Vassar faculty, students, and staff in the humanities and arts, social sciences, and all other areas.

At The Storycollider Workshop on February 21 from 1 to 4pm, you can develop your own personal storytelling ability, working under the guidance of experienced Story Collider producers. People will brainstorm, develop, and refine our personal stories and bolster our ability to employ narrative in our work as teachers, students, researchers, and public intellectuals. Five participants from the workshop will be selected to share their stories at the public storytelling event at the Martel Theater on April 28!

— Express interest here for the Feb. 21 Storytelling Workshop 1-4pm in Old

Laundry Building, 205 (deadline Feb 7)

— Save the Date: StoryCollider show April 28, 7pm in the Martel Theater

(five Vassar storytellers will be given center stage to share their story)

If you are interested, please sign up for the workshop, and help continue the commitment to story and community through this work.

If you have any questions, please email

Elizabeth H. Bradley, President
Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604