Recent Provocative Email

Dear all,

I am writing to address the email that many of you received Friday. The email was linked to a document on Google that was provocative of violence and antisemitism. We as a campus community condemn violence towards any and all members of our community. Students found in violation of the Student Code of Conduct will go through the Student Conduct process.

I realize that conversations about institutional memory, history, and responsibility are critically important topics for us to undertake as a community. Such discussions can be complicated and difficult; they require strong relationships to enable our community to learn about, understand, and recognize how Vassar’s history affects our lives now. Knowing this history enables us all to engage more fully as a community. Authentic and critical discussion of these topics is stifled when violence is incited. 

If you want to voice concerns, ask questions, and express your feelings about these topics, Dean Alamo and I are free to meet, or to receive email or other communication. We are eager to engage on this. We remain committed to the ideals of a learning community, and we continually aspire to be a place of engaged pluralism and inclusion, where we engage one another with respect.

See you around the campus,

Elizabeth H. Bradley, President

Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604