Engaged Pluralism Initiative Campus Community Survey

Dear All,

I am writing to ask for your help.

Today, as part of the Engaged Pluralism Initiative, we are launching our campus community survey, which is designed to provide information about both positive and challenging aspects of our campus climate. This is an opportunity to describe your personal experiences, your observations, and to offer suggestions for change that might enhance the campus climate at Vassar.

All of your answers will remain confidential, and the results will be reported in group form only. You will not be identifiable as an individual. Your participation in this project is voluntary—and it should take no more than 20-30 minutes.

Additional information about the project is available at engagedpluralism.vassar.edu/campus-climate/.

Your feedback is one of the most critical aspects of the Engaged Pluralism Initiative. Results of the survey will be analyzed over the summer, and we will come together as a community to review and discuss them in the fall. We are committed to attracting, supporting and retaining a strong and inclusive campus community. We need your help to do that. Please take half an hour to take this survey and help move this important work forward.

Click here for the survey.

Thank you very much,

Elizabeth H. Bradley, PhD