Community Works Exceeds Goal

January 24, 2018

Dear all,

I am delighted to announce that together Vassar raised $76,845 for ten local non-profit organizations in the Poughkeepsie community through our Community Works program. When Karen Getter first took the reins to lead her exceptional team for this fundraising effort, she told us about the mustard seed. She said it is very small but still turns into a huge plant - and said Vassar’s efforts could be like the mustard seed. Now we see that! We outdid our goal and have been able to support important community organizations with these donations. 

Thank you to everyone who worked on this inspiring project and those who gave of their resources to help many community groups achieve their goals. I'd like you to join me in specifically thanking the members of the Committee:

Karen E. Getter; MaryJo Cavanaugh; Patricia-Pia Celerier; Nicholas A. de Leeuw; Joan Gerardi; Andrea Hall; Doreen Janet Hammell-Becker; Jennifer B. Herrera; John McCleary; Erin McCloskey; Seungsook Moon; Stephen Rooks; Jason E. Scism; Laura Elizabeth Streett; Shona Tucker; Nancy A. Wanzer; Michael N. Warari; Eric B. Watson.

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President Bradley

Poughkeepsie, NY 12604