Sexual Misconduct and Assault

October 19, 2017

Dear Vassar Community,

In recent days, headlines out of Hollywood have resulted in a flood of people coming forward and revealing that they have been the victim of sexual harassment and assault.

This is an important moment in our nation and at Vassar; we have an opportunity to change the future. We can sustain an environment that does not sweep sexual misconduct and assault under the rug but rather talks openly about them and commits fully to seeking their elimination.

I write to let you know my door is open. Vassar is committed to hearing every voice and empowering people to speak up and report all instances of sexual misconduct and assault. In all cases, we are committed to conducting a full and fair investigation when people come forward. We have a team of people that the College has worked to put in place in recent years for this purpose. Coming forward helps institutions not only conduct proper investigations and adjudicate individual circumstances but also identify and reform structural and systematic issues that may put people at risk for sexual misconduct and assault.

It is clear both from my own experience and what we see in the news every day that our society has far to go before we are free of the scourge of sexual misconduct and assault. Let us lead together at Vassar to eliminate these threats, so that all can flourish in our community.

Elizabeth H. Bradley, President

Poughkeepsie, NY 12604