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Professor Brancky is the author of The Crimes of Marguerite Duras

Anne Brancky

Anne Brancky, Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies, is the author of The Crimes of Marguerite Duras: Literature and Media in Twentieth-Century France, recently published by Cambridge University Press. One of her country’s most celebrated authors of the last century, Marguerite Duras embraced criminal news stories, weaving their sensations into her novels, screenplays, and other works, and allowing them to influence representations of her life and work in the French press of her day. The Crimes of Marguerite Duras explores a new framework for analyzing Duras’ literary works and journalism as they relate to mass media and broader cultural dialogues. Professor Brancky “makes a compelling case for reappraisal of the intent and impact of Duras’s work in the context of contemporary debates in France, galvanized by the #MeToo movement, about sexual freedom and gender relations,” observed Deborah Gaensbauer of Regis University

February 5, 2022
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