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Mallory Whiteduck Awarded Dissertation Prize by the American Studies Association

Headshot of Mallory Whiteduck

Mallory Whiteduck, Assistant Professor of Political Science, was awarded the 2022 Ralph Henry Gabriel prize for her dissertation, “The Rez: Aesthetics of the Everyday in Native American Literature and Visual Culture” (University of Michigan). The Ralph Henry Gabriel Prize is awarded annually, by the American Studies Association, to the best doctoral dissertation in American studies, ethnic studies, or women's studies. “The Rez” is a field-making and defining work. Whiteduck’s nuanced attention to the “everyday” of the reservation is beautifully original and bolstered by a deeply generative interdisciplinarity. As many scholars rightly theorize big, weighty concepts like Indigenous sovereignty, Whiteduck asks us to consider what might get overlooked when we sweep our critical gaze across dispossessed lands to confront transnational histories and legacies of genocide. Deploying critical theory with elegance, on Whiteduck’s rez, there is humor, art, and identity in every nickname, gesture, hat, and bottle of Pepsi.

December 13, 2022
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