Jan Cameron Appointed to NSF’s Division of Mathematical Sciences as Program Director

Jan Cameron

Jan Cameron, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, has been selected to participate in the Intergovernmental Personnel Act Assignment (IPA) program and will serve in the coming year as a Program Director for the Analysis Program within the Division of Mathematical Sciences, Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the National Science Foundation (NSF). “The IPA program fosters the interchange of information between NSF and universities throughout the country and benefits both NSF and the home institution by infusing new talent into NSF and providing the IPA scientists, engineers and educators with valuable information and knowledge to bring back to their home institution. By working side-by-side with NSF’s permanent workforce, IPAs learn about NSF and how they utilize their resources to review and process tens of thousands of grant proposals. By bringing in IPAs to NSF who are at the forefront of new research and new ideas, these researchers play a  critical role in support of the NSF mission and enables maximization of the exchange of ideas and talent between the  scientific community and NSF.” 

September 12, 2022
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