Architecture and the Arts

Film maker Donald Rosenfeld ’85 shared his thoughts on the connection between History and FIlm: “Vassar showed me the way ‘Through Alice’s Looking Glass’ to travel deep into History. For the past 25 Years I have made Feature Films and Documentary Films that re-create History: to facilitate my own love of time travel back to the Past! My thesis at Vassar was set in London in 1851, at the time of the Great Exposition: my latest film, EFFIE, is set at that precise moment in Victorian England. Professor Anthony Wohl showed me the way in my last Vassar year! Thank You!” Kevin Barber ’07, who is studying acting at the Asolo Conservatory at Florida State University also writes, “I am incredibly grateful for my history studies at Vassar, because, above all, they trained me to approach any challenge with equal amounts of creativity and analysis. Since graduating, I have held many titles; including, entrepreneur, actor, director, producer, and web designer. In each occupation, I have thrived by tackling challenges, as if I were writing a research paper. By performing a thorough, detailed analysis of the information at hand, I would achieve the freedom required to think creatively in the circumstances, which would inevitably produce a more unique solution. Vassar seared this way of thinking into my brain and has contributed greatly to my ability to succeed in such a wide variety of occupations.”

Landscape Architect Edmund Hollander ’76 writes, “As a history major at Vassar perhaps the most important thing I learned was an analytical method of thinking and synthesizing information that has been invaluable throughout my career.”