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A message from the Student Catalysts:

The Grand Challenges Program is an opportunity for Vassar students to openly discuss our experiences navigating STEM in higher education, while challenging ourselves and others to think critically about the injustices that exist in the world around us. From climate change to issues of unequal access to opportunity, we focus on collaboratively designing solutions that will provide all individuals with the ability to successfully be leaders in any space.

Join us to discover our resources that foster inclusivity, such as classes centered around individual and collective solutions to the environmental crisis, flexible and open programming where you can generate and execute your own ideas, an online platform bringing together STEM students to build an inclusive community, and more! 

Check out the student-driven Grand Challenges WordPress website that includes posts about events, news, and other information related to our work.

Student Catalyst Group Screen Shot

Student Catalyst Group membership 2019-2020 (group coordinators are listed first)

  • Inclusive Teaching Practices: Sonali Shah, Olivia Fiol, Clara Layzer, Sophie Wanzer, Nandeeta Bala, Naike Ye, Parvaneh Jefferson, Rachel Sipress, Faith Northern, Sohaib Nasir and Chris Bjork
  • Being Human in STEM*: Eva Gomez, Lauren White, Annika Rowland, Sarah Boese, Nia Smith, Jessica Rattray, Christopher Cho, Eloudia Odamy, Isabella Wedes, Karla Pennetta, Marta Candelas and Jan Cameron
  • Peer Fellowship: Faith Northern, Kayen Tang, Sohaib Nasir, Marta Candelas and Jodi Schwarz
  • Inclusive Science Website: Hao Dong Tian, Louisa Kuper, Allan Nguyen, Martin Burstein and Tom Pacio

* name inspired by Amherst College