Chinese and Japanese

The department offers two majors—Chinese and Japanese—with numerous courses in language, literature, and culture, taught either in English or in the language of study, depending on the course level and the nature of the material. The Chinese program offers five year/levels of language courses providing options for students with or without previous knowledge of the language and to students choosing either the traditional or simplified scripts. The Japanese program offers four year/levels of language courses. Students are encouraged to study abroad in China or Japan. The department also offers correlate sequences in both Chinese and Japanese.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese and Japanese
BA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; PhD, University of California-Los Angeles
Associate Professor of Chinese and Japanese and Director of Asian Studies
BA, MA, Baika Women College; MA, Illinois State University; PhD, Purdue University-Main Campus
Associate Professor of Chinese and Japanese
BA, Fudan University (复旦大学); MA, PhD, Washington University in St Louis
Adjunct Instructor in Chinese
BA, Tsinghua University (清华大学); MA, Stanford University; MPhil, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Adjunct Instructor in Chinese
BEcon, BA, MA, Peking University (北京大学); MED, University of Toronto
Professor of Chinese and Japanese
BL, Peking University (北京大学); MA, Indiana University-Bloomington; MPhil, PhD, Yale University
Adjunct Instructor in Chinese and Japanese
BA, Reitaku University; BA, University of Stirling; MA, SUNY College at New Paltz
Adjunct Instructor in Chinese and Japanese
BA, National Chung Hsing University; MA, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Professor and Chair of Chinese and Japanese on the L.B. Dale & A. Lichtenstein Chair
BA, MA, Peking University (北京大学); MPhil, PhD, Columbia University in the City of New York
Adjunct Instructor in Japanese
BA, Kansai Gaidai University (Kansai University of Foreign Languages); MA, Akita International University