Yin-Lien C. Chin, MS

Professor Emerita of Chinese
Headshot of Yin-Lien C. Chin.

Professor Yin-lien Chin joined Vassar College in 1967 to establish Vassar’s Chinese Language Program, which included Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced courses, with a fourth year Independent Work Program. She was the College’s first Professor of Chinese and worked energetically and tirelessly to bring Chinese language and culture to Vassar and the broader Poughkeepsie and Duchess County community. Professor Chin retired from Vassar in 1995.

Professor Yin-lien Chin graduated from Taiwan Normal University in 1953 and received a Master in Linguistics from Georgetown University in 1972. She authored four books on Chinese language literature, history and folklore, and is an accomplished artist. A traditional Chinese watercolor painting of hers was on display at the Museum of Natural History in New York City and is now in their permanent collection.