Major Advising and Declaring

If you are interested in declaring an Environmental Studies (ENST) major, you should contact the program office to connect with a member of the major subcommittee during your first or sophomore year to plan your course of study. They will recommend ENST participating faculty with expertise in your area of interest, and you will then meet with those faculty members to talk about structuring a sequence of specific courses for your major. You will also write a 500-word essay describing your academic goals and explaining how you have structured your major to meet those goals. Once you submit your major plan of study to the director, the ENST steering committee will provide feedback on your proposed set of courses and potential advisors.

After declaring your ENST major, you will meet regularly with your major advisor to discuss your course selections. If substantial changes in your planned course of study occur, you will need to discuss them with the ENST director. The ENST steering committee will then review the changes and give you additional feedback on your proposal.