After Vassar

There are several ways to locate and connect with Vassar alums and others in the Vassar community about environmental issues.

First, join VassarNet, Vassar’s online community of alums, students, parents, faculty, and friends of Vassar. On this platform, you can:

  • Search for people by industry, location, major, and more.
  • Send messages to contacts of interest, and set up informational interviews.
  • Join groups to affiliate over shared interests and identities.
  • Search for (or post) job and internship opportunities for the Vassar community.
  • Ask career-related questions and get answers from the community.

Second, to locate additional alums who majored in Environmental Studies, check out the Alums Directory. This directory contains listings for all alums, including people who may be willing to share career advice.

Third, check out the profiles of more than 23,000 alums on Vassar’s LinkedIn “University” Page, where you can search for alums by employer, location, industry, and more.

Fourth, there are resources available to both students and alums through the Vassar Center for Career Education to help with job searches.

Given that environmental issues must often be addressed using a multidisciplinary approach, we hope that Vassar students and graduates will continue to utilize these various Vassar community forums to bring people from different fields together.