Guidelines for Users of the GIS Lab⁠–Ely Hall 114

The GIS computer lab is dedicated for the use of GIS software and hardware and related software such as graphics and spreadsheet programs. The use of this lab is restricted to GIS mapping and computer cartography, computer graphics related to mapping or coursework, database management related to coursework or mapping, scanning for GIS classes, downloading data from the GPS datalogger, and digitizing for GIS classes and coursework.

The GIS lab should be kept as neat as possible at all times. After a class is taught in the lab, the instructor must turn off the overhead projector and anything written on the blackboard must be erased. Computers must be shutdown after a class. Saving files on these computers is restricted to the Save Files Here folder. No one can add or remove any software to the GIS lab computers. If you are interested in including a new software into the lab configuration, please contact the GIS lab consultant.

Priority of users of the GIS lab:

  1. Courses in which GIS is taught
  2. Faculty in the Geology and Geography department
  3. Students taking courses where GIS is being taught
  4. Student majors in the Geology and Geography department
  5. With prior permission, members of the Vassar community may use this facility. Please contact the GIS lab consultant for permission.

The GIS lab is not a computer cluster and should not be treated as such. The GIS lab and its printers are not to be used for:

  • Checking and printing out email
  • Writing papers for classes other than GIS classes, or geography and geology classes
  • Listening to music
  • Printing miscellaneous materials off the web
  • Eating or drinking