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Recommended Sequence

Students considering majoring in chemistry should elect Chem 125, Chemical Principles, during their freshman year. As it is strongly recommended that students have a foundational understanding of single variable calculus, classical mechanics, and electromagnetism, students considering majoring in chemistry should consult the department about electing the appropriate calculus and physics courses during the first and sophomore year. Basic knowledge of linear algebra and multivariable calculus are also recommended. Students who plan to graduate in less than four years, should consult with a department advisor in their first semester. All members of the chemistry faculty are firmly committed to assisting in the design of a student’s educational program in chemistry, and encourage students to speak with them about their plans in chemistry at any time during their undergraduate career.

A typical sequence of courses for a degree in chemistry which is certified by the ACS is:

First Year

Chemical Principles: Chem 125
Calculus and/or Physics

Sophomore Year

Organic Chemistry: Chem. 244/245
Calculus and/or Physics

Junior Year

Integrated Chemistry Laboratory. 372/373
Physical Chemistry: Chem. 350/352
Instrumental Analysis: Chem. 362
Biochemistry: Chem 272 or 325

Senior Year

Senior Independent Research: Chem. 399 (fall)
Senior Thesis: Chem. 300 (spring)
Inorganic Chemistry: Chem. 326
300 level elective in chemistry