The Vassar College Chemistry Department is a creative, supportive, and intellectually challenging environment for study and research in the chemical sciences, especially at the interfaces of biology, environmental science, and physics. 

The department offers lecture and laboratory experiences in all major areas of chemistry—analytical, biochemical, general, inorganic, organic, and physical—and in many special topics, such as structural, polymer, protein, organometallic, computational, and environmental.

At all levels of the curriculum, students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty and to become proficient in the use of modern instrumentation and methodologies. As early as the first year, students are encouraged to participate in original research.

Students may pursue a major in chemistry with a degree certified by the American Chemical Society, obtain a correlate sequence, complete premedical requirements, or explore a wide range of experimental independent projects and interdisciplinary collaborations.

An undergraduate major in chemistry is excellent preparation for graduate study in chemistry or related areas such as medicine, environmental science, materials science, public health, and even the law.