Courses and Requirements

First-year students interested in the major are encouraged to take WFQS 130, Introduction to Women, Feminist, and Queer Studies, a team-taught course offered each semester that serves as a foundation for future study. WFQS 130 introduces students to multidisciplinary methodologies, feminist history, and theoretical debates, with a particular focus on the intersections of gender, race, class, and sexuality. Beyond the introductory level, regularly offered courses include Introduction to Queer Studies (WFQS 201), Gender in American Popular Media (WFQS 240), Topics in the Construction of Gender (WFQS 241), Making Waves: Topics in Feminist Activism (WFQS 245), Feminist Theory (WFQS 250), and Global Feminism (WFQS 251). A full list of courses can be found in the catalogue. 

Students who wish to concentrate in the Multidisciplinary Program in Women, Feminist, and Queer Studies or elect the correlate sequence should consult the director of the program. With an advisor or advisors in the program, applicants plan a course of study, tailored to their particular interests and needs in the field. The concentration or correlate sequence must be approved by the advisor or advisors and the director of the program.

Courses and Requirements

Academic requirements and courses are available in the Vassar College Catalogue.


Correlate Sequence

Please note that we are currently in the process of re-organizing our correlate as a single Women, Feminist, and Queer Studies correlate sequence.

Approved Courses