Symposium 2023

Undergraduate Research
Summer Institute Symposium

September 27, 2023


Introductory Remarks

Bill Hoynes, Dean of the Faculty

Ben Lotto, URSI Director


Students’ Oral Presentations on Summer Research

Brynn Conrad, Sharon Luong, and Autumn Cullinan (mentor: Professor David Esteban, Biology) 
Characterizing Diversity and AHR Activity in the Gut Microbiomes of ME/CFS Patients

Vaughn Ramsey and Alex Carr (mentor: Professor Andy Borum, Mathematics and Statistics) 
Discontinuities in the Curvature of a Thin Elastic Ribbon 

Chi Nguyễn and A.J. Erickson (mentor: Professor Evan Howard, Chemistry) 
Curve Balls of Epoxy Alcohols - Rearrangement or Fragmentation


Keynote Address

RIG-I Receptors: The Tiny Nanomachines that Protect Us Against RNA Viruses

Anna Marie Pyle, Sterling Professor of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and Professor of Chemistry at Yale University


Poster Session A (odd numbered posters)


Poster Session B (even numbered posters)


Dinner Celebration for Faculty and Students