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COVID-19 Dashboard

The dashboard is updated daily.
Last updated on November 27, 2020.

Current Status: Stable, Low Risk

Status based on a 7-day rolling average.

Total Tests

16,181 academic year to date

New Tests

0 since yesterday

Total Student Cases

44 academic year to date

New Student Cases

0 since yesterday

Total Employee Cases

4 academic year to date

New Employee Cases

0 since yesterday

Total Active Cases On Campus


Total Active Cases Off Campus


Vassar Percentage Positive Results

1.01% 7-day running average of % of tests that have a positive result

Dutchess County Percentage Positive Results

3.0% 7-day rolling average of Dutchess County percentage positive results (aka Infection Rate)

New York Forward Percentage Positive Results By County Dashboard
(Please select Dutchess County or scroll down to see the specific results)

Active Cases at Vassar

Historical data since Aug. 17, 2020.


Testing Strategy
We required a pre-arrival negative COVID-19 PCR test result within 7 days of move-in; students were tested in the first two days of arrival, and then 5-7 days later, and again 14 days later. Periodicity of subsequent testing may be every two weeks or monthly, or more often, depending on campus and community epidemiologic data at that time.
Lag Time
Current lag time is generally 24 to 48 hours, with some exceptions of 72 hours.
Test results reflect Vassar-administered diagnostic tests.
“Cases” reflect anyone with a positive diagnostic test result.
Active Cases
“Active Cases” reflect students currently in isolation at Vassar with a positive diagnostic test result or an employee currently not reporting to work because of a positive diagnostic test result. "Active Cases Off Campus" excludes students studying remotely.
Employee Count
Employee count includes family members of employees living with them on campus.