Photo Currents: Media, Circulation, Spectacle

A monochrome photo of the lunar surface, showing the Earth in the background.
First View of the Earth and the Moon, 1966
Orbiter I (American),
1966, Gelatin silver print
Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Fund, 2002.30

July 10–October 10, 2021

This small, focused exhibition will be on view upstairs in the Hoene Hoy Photography Gallery. In light of the radical transformation of popular media with the rise of the internet, citizen journalism, and social media, this exhibition considers photography’s role as a mediator of collective experiences and memories of historical events. Ever since its invention almost two centuries ago, photography has turned newsworthy events into consumable spectacles. The exhibition considers how photographs create and circulate media spectacles. As we witness the ever-increasing power of images to verify and manufacture truth, we are challenged to consider our relationship to modern media as consumers, citizens, and humans. Included are works by Burton Berinsky, Billy Name, Andy Warhol, and Garry Winogrand, among others. The Hoene Hoy Photography Gallery was established through an endowment given by Anne Hoene Hoy, Vassar alumna, class of 1963.

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