Beyond the Threshold: Tibetan Contemporary Art

When: March 5 through July 31

A painting of brightly colored flowers on bricks.
Tashi Norbu (Bhutan, born 1974)
 Accepting Flowers' Culture, 2014
Mixed media, Dutch souvenirs on wooden panel
The Shelley and Donald Rubin Private Collection
Image courtesy of the artist © Ven Tashi Norbu

Beyond the Threshold highlights the diversity of contemporary Tibetan creative expression, presenting works from ten artists based around the world. Born between the 1950s and 1990s, these artists are translating their experiences and insights for global audiences, driving Tibetan art into new territory by repurposing familiar imagery, providing commentary on consumer culture, and engaging social issues. Simultaneously, Tibetan and non-Tibetan viewers alike are provided space, where they are invited to discern and determine meanings for themselves, and to consider their own assumptions.  

Drawn from private collections and made available by the artists themselves, the objects are accompanied by bilingual English-Tibetan object labels, many of which incorporate quotes from the artists that convey the motivations and intentions behind their work. 

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