Energy to Lead

Vassar College received a $1.17 million award from the State of New York for educational programs for the local community and energy-saving equipment and technology for new construction.

In addition to providing resources to build Vassar’s next major capital project as a net-zero-emission facility, the award will support educational programs and resources, including summer programs and a dashboard that reports construction and installation progress. The dashboard will feature real-time data monitoring to demonstrate project impacts and outcomes. Vassar students will contribute to the project through research and by analyzing building performance metrics to verify savings achieved through net-zero construction. 

The first program supported by this award launched in summer 2021. As part of the Vassar Education Collaboration’s Exploring College Summer Intensive, local high schoolers participated in a free three-week-long summer program on climate change, sustainability, and the built environment. 

As the project progresses, this site will host updates on project progress, deliverables generated as part of the grant, and other resources will be added.