Sophomore Career Connections:

Linking the Liberal Arts to the World of Work

A collaborative event hosted by the Career Development Office and the Office of Alumnae/i Affairs and Development

The 8th annual program is scheduled for January 29 online. Questions? Email

Vassar’s Sophomore Career Connections is designed to introduce second-year students to the vast array of career options available to liberal arts graduates. Drawing on the expertise of one of Vassar’s very best career resources—our alumnae/i and parent mentors—we hope to help students complement their liberal arts education with industry-specific knowledge, tap into the extensive Vassar network, and focus on their professional development in a safe space. Making these connections will serve sophomores well as they begin to consider not only summer internship options, but life beyond Vassar.

Sophomores will have the opportunity to hear from an inspirational keynote speaker, meet with alumnae/i and parent mentors, attend industry-based career panels, participate in networking events, listen to a keynote address from one of our Vassar alumnae/i,and more.


Sophomore year is a time of big decisions—major selection, off-campus study options, and internship planning. This program is designed to assist you in thinking about these topics while utilizing our best resources: Vassar alumnae/i and parents and our Career Development Office staff. Not sure what you want to do yet, career-wise? No worries, you are in good company! Most attendees of this program are not certain about their career path. This program is designed to let you explore multiple areas of interest.

2019 SCC Mentors Share Their Experiences