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Curricular Clusters

The following chart is intended to aid advisors and students make decisions about the classes they may want to take. The faculty members who teach the courses listed in the chart were asked to identify the two principal areas of emphasis for each course. Students who wish to gain an understanding of the breadth of discipline may want to choose courses with different areas of emphasis, whereas students pursuing an in-depth study of a particular topic may want to take several courses in one area of emphasis. 

100 Level Courses

Course Globalization Policy Culture Inequality and Difference Theory

110. Gender, Social Problems and Social Change


111. Social Change in South Korea Through Film


160. What do you Mean by Globalization?


180. Power and Global Capital


200 Level Courses

Course Globalization Policy Culture Inequality and Difference Theory

205. What is a Just Society?


206. Social Change in the Black and Latino Communities


207.Commercialized Childhoods


210. Domestic Violence


215. Perspectives on Deviant Subculture


216. Food, Culture, and Globalization


229. Black Intellectual History


234. Disability and Society


235. Quality of Life


236. Imprisonment and the Prisoner


237. Community Development


247. Modern Social Theory: Classical Traditions


249. Latino/a Formations


250. Sex, Gender, and Society


251. Development and Social Change in Latin America


253. Children of Immigration


254. Research Methods


255. Race, Representation, and Resistance in U.S. Schools


256. Mass Media and Society


257. Reorienting America: Asians in American History and Society


258. Race and Ethnicity


259. Social Stratification


260. Health, Medicine, and Public Policy


261. "The Nuclear Cage": Environmental Theory and Nuclear Power


263. Criminology


264. Social Welfare and Social Policy: Perceptions of Poverty


265. News Media in America


267. Religion, Culture, and Society


268. Sociology of Black Religion


269. Constructing School Kids and Street Kids


270. Drugs, Culture, and Society


273. Sociology of the New Economy


277. Working Class Studies


300 Level Courses

Course Globalization Policy Culture Inequality and Difference Theory

305. The Social Construction of Race in the U.S.


306. Women's Movements in Asia


312. Corporate Power


317. Women, Crime, and Punishment


321. Feminism, Knowledge, Praxis


322. Walking


353. Bio-Social Controversy


356. Culture, Commerce, and the Public Sphere


365. Class, Culture, and Power


367. Mind, Culture, and Biology


368. Toxic Futures: From Social Theory to Environmental Theory


369. Masculinities: Global Perspectives


380. Art, War, and Social Change


382. Race and Popular Culture


383. Nation, Race and Gender in Latin America and the Caribbean


385. Women, Culture, and Development


388. Schooling in America: Preparing Citizens or Producing Worker