In Search of Kafka

Mar. 27, 2024, 5:00 p.m.

Vassar Library: Class of '51 Reading Room.

A Conversation with Ross Benjamin ’03, Translator of Kafka’s Diaries

Vassar alum Ross Benjamin will discuss his Guggenheim scholarship-funded work: An essential new translation of Kafka’s complete, uncensored diaries—a revelation of the idiosyncrasies and rough edges of one of the twentieth century’s most influential writers. By faithfully reproducing the diaries’ distinctive—and often surprisingly unpolished—writing in Kafka’s notebooks, Benjamin brings to light not only the author’s use of the diaries for literary experimentation and private self-expression but also their value as a work of art in themselves.

This event is sponsored by the Dean of the Faculty, the German Studies Department, the Jewish Studies Program, the English Department, and the Vassar Libraries.

Headshot of Ross Benjamin
Ross Benjamin ’03
Photo: David Schloss