No AI without Trust: How We Empower AI by Trusting It

Mar 22, 5:00–7:00 p.m.

Rockefeller Hall 300

Marianna Ganapini, Union College Assistant Professor of Philosophy, argues that to develop and flourish, the technology called “artificial intelligence” (AI) needs to have our trust. The thesis of this lecture develops as a reply to some recent arguments that claim that AI lacks some key features that make trusting AI even possible. According to this view, we simply cannot trust AI. Contrary to this, Professor Ganapini will show that this analysis is based on a too-restrictive definition of trust. Not only can we trust AI, but for AI to exist and develop, it needs our trust.

A Jamie Greenberg Memorial Lecture Sponsored by the Dean of the Faculty Office and the Philosophy Department. 


Headshot of Marianna Ganapini
Marianna Ganapini