Claflin Lecture Series: Wu Hung

Apr 14, 5:00–7:00 p.m.

Taylor Hall, Room 203

Art historian Wu Hung will speak about Chinese portrait photography as part of the Claflin Lecture Series.

Wu Hung has published widely on both traditional and contemporary Chinese art. His interest in both traditional and modern/contemporary Chinese art has led him to experiment with different ways to integrate these conventionally separate phases into new kinds of art historical narratives. Several of his ongoing projects follow this direction to explore the interrelationship between art medium, pictorial image, and architectural space, the dialectical relationship between absence and presence in Chinese art and visual culture, and the relationship between art discourse and practice.

A person wearing a long silk robe with a flower pattern stands with his back to a mirror, which reflects his very long hair.
Wang Yi’an before cutting off his queue. Beijing, 1912