Uprooting Medea

Mar. 21, 2022, 5:30 p.m.

Rockefeller Hall 300

Shivaike Shah, Visiting Artist and Producer/Founder of Khameleon Productions (UK), will discuss the making of Khameleon’s upcoming short film on the figure of Medea, based on Khameleon’s stage production of Euripides’s Medea at Oxford in 2018, which reimagined the ancient Greek tragedy with an all-global majority cast and crew as well as original compositions, movement, and spoken word commissioned by the company. Both the film and the play question the pertinent topics of race, belonging, identity, home, and otherness, themes which are already prevalent in Euripides’s original. The presentation will explore Khameleon’s creative practice of elevating global-majority artists through multimedia forms including theatre, film, music, and poetry.

Campus community only, please.


Actress Selina Jones as Medea in the Khameleon Productions film of Euripides's Medea