Till The Bridge You Will Need Be Formed: Digital Works by Chris Silverman

Sep 30, 5:00 pm through Oct 15

Palmer Gallery, College Center

Drawing from a wide range of inspirations, Till The Bridge You Will Need Be Formed is an exhibition of digital artworks exploring the intersection of order and chaos through themes of technology, faces, machinery, symmetry, and abstract designs.

Chris Silverman is a Hudson Valley-based artist, designer, and illustrator whose work has been featured by the Chicago Tribune, Vogue, Net Magazine, and Planned Parenthood. As a designer of websites for Vassar College, Chris is used to thinking in terms of both structure—systems, code, grids—and the more organic areas of mood, movement, and color. Concepts of the mechanical and the organic form the foundation of much of his work.

Gallery reception on September 30, from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


An image of abstract art
Chris Silverman
Forces II, 2016