Battery Dance Residency and Performance, March 2024

A person wearing a black suit jacket and dress pants dances on a dark stage, one foot raised high in the air.

Based in Lower Manhattan, Battery Dance has produced over 125 original dance works choreographed by its founder and artistic director Jonathan Hollander, and guest choreographers, in collaboration with a diverse array of composers and designers, and its cast of outstanding dancers. Battery’s repertoire reveals a wide thematic and stylistic range. Presented in New York City and on tour in the U.S. and worldwide, Battery performances are characterized by choreography and music inspired by worldwide sources, reflecting American society and its multiplicity of cultures. The Company is among New York City’s foremost cultural ambassadors through its participation in international performing arts festivals, conferences and symposia throughout 70 countries on 6 continents. Through the award winning Dancing to Connect program, the company uses dance as a tool for building social cohesion and resolving conflict throughout the world.

January 15, 2024