Márquez Lecture and Prizes

The Antonio Márquez Lecture Series was established through the generous donation of author, scholar, professor and artist Antonio Márquez.

The Antonio Márquez Prizes.

The Hispanic Studies Department, with funds from the generous bequest of Antonio Márquez, awards cash prizes to students in the following categories: poetry and fiction, non-fiction, translations Spanish-English, video and other media. Submissions to the department are due at the end of the Spring Break. Winning texts are published in Puro Cuento, a journal representing the cultural production in Spanish of students at Vassar College.

Antonio Marquez, Spanish writer and painter, was born in Arriate (Malaga, Spain) in 1923. He holds a PhD in philosophy of religion from the Pontifical University of Salamanca (1970) and is the author of several books on mysticism and the Inquisition in Spain. He has been exclusively dedicated to painting since 1990. His previous solo exhibition, under the title “A Mystical Fable,” was presented in Ronda (Malaga, Spain) in 1995, as the cultural module of the festival Goyesca. Since 1959 he has been a permanent resident of the United States. His latest publication, Lapidary or Brief Song of Himself (Malaga: Bazar, 1997) is intimately related to the present exhibit.