2021 Ford Scholars Symposium

13 September 2021
Class of ’51 Reading Room, Main Library

5:00 pm - Greeting

Ford Scholar Student Presentations—Summer Research Projects

5:05pm Session I

Cristy Cai ’22: Documenting Oral History (Professor Qiu, Chinese & Japanese Studies)

Ananya Chaudhuri ’23: Researching Gender Profit Gaps (Professor Kagy, Economics)

Hayley Craig ’22 and Joseph Kelly ’22: Judicial Diversity (Professor Means, Political Science)

Arianna Hilliard ’22: Co-Creating an Architectural Intensive with an Aspiring Architect in the Ozarks (Professor Adédoyin Teríba, Art & Urban Studies)

Rongzhi Hu ’22: Insuring Health—Medicine and Society in the People’s Republic of China, 1960-1980 (Professor Soon, History)

Formosa Huang ’22 & Lila Malin ’22: Resilience Stories (Professor Tugade, Psychological Science)

Andrew Kasper ’23 and Aaron Mahr ’22: Creating New Approaches to Digitizing Historic Data Records (Professor Frye, Economics)

6:00pm Session II

Keynote Address

“The Power, Potential, and Promise of Collaborative Research”
Thomas Porcello
Dean of Studies and Professor of Anthropology

Anastasia Koutavas ’22: Immigration and Economics—The Labor Market Effects of ‘Secure Communities’ (Professor Pearlman, Economics)

Iris Li ’22: The Effect of Strategic Accusations on Assessments of Guilt—A Game Theoretic Analysis of a Simplified “Among Us” Game (Professor Ho, Economics)

Dollar Zhu ’22: Learning to Recycle—How video games can teach recycling (Professor Ho, Economics)

Caleb Mitchell ’22: Olmsted at Vassar—Tracing Campus Landscape History (Professor Elet, Art)

Ethan Ross ’22 & Zoe Tolbert ’22: Measles Vaccination in Childhood—The Impact on Human Capital Development and Health Status (Professor Atwood, Economics)

7:00pm Session III

Radu-Mihai Florea ’23: Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Airline Competition (Professor Qi Ge, Economics)

Faith Northern ’22: Analyzing the Social Experiences of Immigrant Afro-Caribbean Women Teachers (Professor Williams Brown, Education)

Maria-Fernanda Rodriguez ’23: The Oviedo Project (Professors Aronna & Paravisini-Gebert, Hispanic Studies)

Stella Schram ’23 and Sasha Allison ’22: Teaching and Learning Climate Crisis and Future Challenges (Professor Batur, Sociology and Environmental Science)

Tommy Shenefield ’23: Cuba on Film—A descriptive reference for research and study of Cuban films in the Thompson Memorial Library collection at Vassar College (Augusto Hacthoun, Hispanic Studies)

Ethan Snyder ’22: Macroeconomic Effects of Immigration Reform (Professor Argudo Valverde, Economics)

Allison Verdesca ’22: Town and Gown—Vassar Faculty and the Progressive Movement (Gretchen Lieb, Library)

Ian Shelley ’22, Pindyck Fellow : Sanford Robinson Gifford in Nova Scotia—(Bart Thurber, Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center)