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Kenyon Hall features three dance studios, the Frances Daly Fergusson Dance Theater, a rehearsal green room, and production facilities.

The Frances Daly Fergusson Dance Theater is the first space dedicated solely to dance performance on the Vassar campus. Named for Vassar’s ninth president, the dance theater is 5,700 square feet and includes a fully sprung dance stage measuring 36’ x 36’ with surrounding wing space, raked seating for 244 people, professional quality lighting, sound and theater control systems, and complete and quiet air conditioning.

Adjacent to the hall, a support facility annex accommodates a rehearsal green room with adjoining women's and men's changing rooms, a loading dock for scenery or set-building materials, and costume-making, office, and storage spaces.

Dancers in warm-up in Kenyon Dance Studio. Photo by Will Faller.

There are three dance studios, one located on the first floor and two on the second. Two of the studios are 2,650 square feet, and the third is 1,160 square feet. The studios have been renovated to serve the curricular needs of the dance program, including the installation of new dance floor surfaces, barres, mirrors, acoustical ceilings, new lighting, and an enhanced audio-visual system.

The Dance Department occupies the whole southern wing of the building, maintaining its offices and studios where they previously existed, with new common areas providing easy access to the theater space for performers who have completed warm-ups or rehearsals in the upstairs studios. The main entry of Kenyon, with its wood-paneled lobby, is an elegant entrance for the dance performance audience.