Computer Science

The Computer Science Department at Vassar integrates the study of important theoretical foundations with the study of powerful scientific methodologies that are central to the field, providing excellent preparation for graduate study in computer science as well as work in the profession.

Intensive study of computer science in the context of a broad liberal arts education opens up perspectives and opportunities for cross-disciplinary work that are especially relevant in today’s world.

The overall goal of the Computer Science Department at Vassar is to give students a solid foundation in computer science theory and the principles of structuring and manipulating data. In addition to offering a full program of core computer science courses, the department offers a range of courses in areas relevant to the broader liberal arts curriculum, including artificial intelligence, robotics, computational linguistics, graphics and animation, and bioinformatics. The department is an active participant in Vassar’s HHMI–funded Center for Collaborative Approaches to Science.

The department houses two computer laboratories containing machines running the Linux operating system. Several ongoing research projects within the department offer students the opportunity to work with faculty on real problems both during the academic year and over the summer.

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