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Film Heritage,Indigenous, Caribbean, Archeology, Symbol, Human Rights, Biological, Ritual, Global, Anthropology,
 India, Poetics, Haunting, Time, Virtual Politics, Primates, Postcolonial, Environment, Cultural, Linguistics, Myth, Power, Race, Environmental Justice, Revitalization

Anthropologists seek a holistic understanding of human social life through complex accounts of histories, societies, and cultures. Anthropologists do ethnographic, linguistic, biological and archaeological research on various aspects of individual and collective experience in all time periods and parts of the world.

The department offers four ways to explore anthropology: 1) an 11-unit major, 2) a 6-unit correlate (minor), 3) an 11-unit interdepartmental geography-anthropology major, and 4) a 6-unit interdepartmental Biology and Culture correlate (minor). Students often double major in ANTH and Cognitive Science, Film, Latin American and Latinx Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, or Urban Studies. Double majors with languages such as Japanese and Russian are also common.

Anthropology courses are often cross-listed with Africana Studies, American Studies, Asian Studies, Environmental Studies, Latin American and Latinx Studies, Media Studies, Urban Studies, and Women’s Studies.