Sustainability Governance

Climate Action and Sustainability Committee

The Climate Action and Sustainability Committee (CASC) promotes and supports the College’s climate action and sustainability agendas and advancing the College’s efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030  It presents changes related to education policy to the faculty for approval and is advisory to the president on administrative policies. The committee reports annually to the President, Trustees, and the Vassar community at-large on progress achieved and future action items.

The Committee consists of the Dean of Strategic Planning (Chair), the VP and Asst. VP of Finance and Administration, the Executive Director of Facilities Operations, the Director of Sustainability (co-chair), three faculty members (2 elected, 1 appointed - the Faculty Sustainability Coordinator), and four students.

CASC has been integral to many of Vassar’s biggest sustainability accomplishments and guides the implementation of the 2020 Climate Action Plan.

Campus Arboretum Committee

Vassar’s Arboretum features over 230 different tree species, including many trees older than a century. To ensure the continued health and longevity of the Arboretum as a whole, the Campus Arboretum Committee (a subcommittee of the Campus Master Planning Committee) provides guidance and oversight for decisions impacting the tree population at Vassar.

Some of the Arboretum Committee's work is highlighted in our page on campus ecology.