Vassar offers numerous opportunities for students to build sustainability directly into their curriculum. The following are a few examples of what’s available.

Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges is a five-year initiative of curricular innovation, faculty development, and community engagement at Vassar College, founded in 2018 with the help of a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, whose aim is to foster inclusive excellence in STEM education at the college.

Through 2021, its curricular focus is on addressing issues related to climate change. Courses, intensives, research opportunities, and much more information related to the program can be found at the Grand Challenges Program.

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies at Vassar is an interdisciplinary program that explores the relationships between people and their environment. In addition to offering both a Major and a Correlate Sequence, Environmental Studies hosts a wide array of courses that engage with and embrace sustainability.

Disciplinary homes for Environmental Studies majors can include any Vassar department, bringing together a knowledge of the natural sciences with a focus in either the arts and humanities or the social sciences.

Research Opportunities

The Environmental Research Institute (ERI) is “a research and public outreach wing of Vassar’s Environmental Studies Program.” Mentorship and funding opportunities are available for students.

Though not exclusively focused on sustainability, many participants in the Undergraduate Research Summer Institute (URSI) have focused their research on sustainability topics and challenges.