Students Receive Miringoff Awards for Service to the Community

Photos courtesy of the Office of Engaged-Community Learning

Six Vassar students have been recognized for their outstanding community service as recipients of the 2022 Helen Miringoff Awards. Chosen for this year’s awards are: Izzy Brady-Myerov ’23, Lily Thompson ’22, Norris Meigs ’23, Kayen Tang ’22, Jyotsna Naidu ’25, and Robin Bleicher ’23.

TOP (left to right): Norris Meigs ’23,  Izzy Brady-Myerov ’23, Robin Bleicher ‘23 BOTTOM (left to right): Jyotsna Naidu ’25, Lily Thompson ’22, Kayen Tang ‘22
Top (left to right): Norris Meigs ’23, Izzy Brady-Myerov ’23, Robin Bleicher ’23. Bottom (left to right): Jyotsna Naidu ’25, Lily Thompson ’22, Kayen Tang ’22.

Brady-Myerov, a mathematics and education double major, took part in teaching two mathematics classes at Poughkeepsie Day School. In one class, she devised a board game that taught students about female mathematicians.

Thompson, a political science and education double major, was a volunteer for Conversations Unbound, a nonprofit agency that matches language students with tutors from forcibly displaced backgrounds.

Meigs, a geography major from Portland, OR, was a volunteer at the Vassar Environmental Cooperative, updating the Natural Resources Inventory for the City of Poughkeepsie. When the work was completed, Meigs made a presentation to the Poughkeepsie Common Council. He also collaborated on a project with the Town of Poughkeepsie Conservation Advisory Commission.

Tang, a neuroscience and behavior major from Seattle, WA, was a volunteer for the Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation. On campus, he was involved in neuroscience research and wrote for the neuroscience publication Grey Matters Journal and was an advising fellow for Vassar Matriculate, an organization that pairs undergraduate students with low-income, high-achieving high school students.

Naidu, a political science and economics double major from College Station, TX, was a volunteer for the grassroots political organization For the Many, canvassing for New York State Assembly candidate Sarahana Shrestha. She will continue to work on Shrestha’s campaign this summer.

Bleicher, a psychological science major from Northampton, MA, worked remotely with Jewish Family Services of Western Massachusetts as an intern in the organization’s refugee resettlement program, connecting immigrants with daycare and preschool programs. She will continue this work this summer.

About the Helen Miringoff Award

Established in 1984, the award serves as an ongoing tribute to Helen Miringoff, who worked for 30 years in the Vassar Field Work Office (now called the Office of Community-Engaged Learning. It is bestowed on students who have made a significant contribution to a nonprofit agency or the community.

May 31, 2022