Crocheted “Reef” Project

Building Community While Teaching about Endangered Marine Ecosystems
Photos Karl Rabe
Visitors viewing the crocheted reef project

Colorful crocheted contributions from more than 50 Vassar students, faculty and staff were the elements of a “coral reef” that went on display in the Bridge for Laboratory Sciences over Spring Break.

Grand Challenges is a five-year program funded through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to build capacity for inclusive excellence in the sciences. A major focus has been on building community across many dimensions of difference. This winter, the vision of the Creative Project was to support a community of science and art by bringing people together during a time of isolation. 

The crochet coral project was conceived by members of the Grand Challenges team: environmental studies major Maya Pelletier ’22, an intern for the Grand Challenges Program and an avid knitter; Rick Jones, Vassar’s Earth Sciences Laboratory Coordinator and a longtime crochet enthusiast; Tom Pacio, Director of Creative Arts and Co-director of the Grand Challenges Program; and Jodi Schwarz, Associate Professor of Biology, Director of the Grand Challenges Program, and a newbie to crocheting.

May 26, 2021
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