Cindy Schwarz

Professor of Physics

Dr. Schwarz earned a BS in Mathematical Physics at the State University of New York at Binghamton. Five years later she was awarded her doctorate in experimental particle physics from Yale University for her research done on CP-Violation at Brookhaven National Laboratory. She came to Vassar in 1985. She is very active in the American Association of Physics Teachers and devotes much of her time to improving the quality of undergraduate education in physics. She has authored two books, one CD-ROM and is an editor of a book series, Undergraduate Texts in Contemporary Physics Her first book, A Tour of the Subatomic Zoo, won the American Library Association Award for Outstanding Academic Book and is now out in a second edition. Her second book, Interactive Physics Player Workbook, has been well received and is currently in its second edition. Her latest book co-authored with Jill Linz of Skidmore College, is Adventures in Atomville: The MacroscopeAtomville is the first book in a series for children grades 3–6. Information on Atomville, the book and the project can be found at

BS, SUNY at Binghamton; MPhil, PhD, Yale University
At Vassar since 1985


Sanders Physics
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PHYS 113 Fundamentals of Physics I/Lab
PHYS 261 Intensive Topics in Physics
PHYS 262 Intensive Topics in Physics

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