Faculty News

Person sitting at a table on a porch in the shade with a laptop, writing pad and a book smiling

More than 30 Vassar students conducted humanities research projects under the auspices of the College’s Ford Scholars program.

Ezra Potts ’25 points to a screen  showing what pollen looks like when viewed under a microscope.

More than 80 students engaged in research projects on the Vassar campus this summer with 33 faculty members under the auspices of the Undergraduate Research Summer Institute (URSI).

This image contains two black and white photos placed side by side. The left image shows a person wearing a knit cap, a white shirt with a collar, and a patterned tie. The person appears to be a room of other people, not shown, and is speaking with finger up. The right image shows a person with black curly hair and beard, wearing a white shirt with a dark striped tie. The person is in a room with wood-paneled walls and appears to be listening to someone outside the frame.

The Vassar community lost two influential leaders in the Africana Studies Program this month: Professor Emeritus Milfred Fierce, largely considered the “godfather” of Africana Studies (previously Black Studies) at Vassar and Professor Emeritus Norman Hodges, the first tenured Black professor in History and Africana Studies.