Ming-Wen An Wissmann

Professor of Mathematics and Statistics on the Elizabeth Stillman Williams Chair

Ming-Wen An received her BA in mathematics from Carleton College and her PhD in biostatistics from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her research interests include cancer clinical trial methodology, specifically designs for validating biomarkers used in targeted therapy and identification of alternative endpoints for Phase II trials. She is also interested in issues of study design for addressing missing data due to “loss to follow-up” (with applications to evaluating HIV treatment programs in Africa).

BA, Carleton College; PhD, Johns Hopkins University
At Vassar since 2008


Rockefeller Hall
Box 636

Research and Academic Interests

Statistics and Probability
Public Health
Cancer Clinical Trial Methodology

Departments and Programs

Selected Publications

  • Renfro, L. A., M. W. An, and S. J. Mandrekar. “Precision Oncology: A New Era of Cancer Clinical Trials.” Cancer Letters 387 (2017): 121-6.
  • An, M. W., and S. J. Mandrekar. “Time to Progression Ratio: Promising New Metric Or Just Another Metric?” Annals of Translational Medicine 4.Suppl 1 (2016): S43.
  • Renfro, L. A., et al. “Clinical Trial Designs Incorporating Predictive Biomarkers.” Cancer Treatment Reviews 43 (2016): 74-82.
  • An, M. W., et al. “Evaluating Continuous Tumor Measurement-Based Metrics as Phase II Endpoints for Predicting Overall Survival.” Journal of the National Cancer Institute 107.11 (2015): 10.1093/jnci/djv239.
  • An, M. W., et al. “Clinical Utility of Metrics Based on Tumor Measurements in Phase II Trials to Predict Overall Survival Outcomes in Phase III Trials by Using Resampling Methods.” Journal of Clinical Oncology 33.34 (2015): 4048-57.
  • An, M. W., et al. “The Direct Assignment Option as a Modular Design Component: An Example for the Setting of Two Predefined Subgroups.” Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine (2015): 210817.
  • Tian, S., C. Wang, and M. W. An. “Test on Existence of Histology Subtype-Specific Prognostic Signatures among Early Stage Lung Adenocarcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients using a Cox-Model Based Filter.” Biology Direct 10 (2015): 15,015-0051-z.
  • An, M. W., C. E. Frangakis, and C. T. Yiannoutsos. “Choosing Profile Double-Sampling Designs for Survival Estimation with Application to President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief Evaluation.” Statistics in Medicine 33.12 (2014): 2017-29.
  • An, M. W., et al. “Exploring the Statistical and Clinical Impact of Two Interim Analyses on the Phase II Design with Option for Direct Assignment.” Contemporary Clinical Trials 38.2 (2014): 157-62.
  • Mandrekar, S. J., et al. “Evaluation of Alternate Categorical Tumor Metrics and Cut Points for Response Categorization using the RECIST 1.1 Data Warehouse.” Journal of Clinical Oncology 32.8 (2014): 841-50.

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