Kevin S. Holloway

Professor of Psychological Science

Kevin Holloway received his bachelor of arts degree in 1985 from Franklin & Marshall College with majors in English and French Civilization. He received his MA (1991) and PhD (1993) from the Institute for Neuroscience and Department of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. His area of specialization is the androgen and opioid mediation of conditioned sexual behaviors.

Current research interests include exploring the effects of the opiate antagonist naloxone on the acquisition, performance, and extinction of learned sexual behaviors. Recent data suggest that naloxone affects the extinction of sexual conditioned approach behaviors, but not the performance or acquisition. Future investigations will be conducted to examine the effects of naloxone on sexual conditioned consummatory behaviors. Additionally, experiments will be conducted to determine the opioid receptor sub-types involved in mediating conditioned sexual behaviors.

BA, Franklin and Marshall College; MA, PhD, The University of Texas
At Vassar since 1999


Olmsted Hall of Biological Sc
Box 44


PSYC 221 Learning and Behavior