Jenny Magnes

Professor of Physics

Jenny Magnes has researched various areas involving optics: diatomic spectroscopy of alkalis, quantum optics, molecular optics, opto-mechanical techniques, nano-structures and biophotonics. Jenny Magnes is interested in developing techniques that are beneficial during classroom interactions. She has also successfully involved undergraduates in her research and bringing research topics into the classroom. Jenny Magnes and her research group dove into investigating micro-organisms using optical techniques like scattering and various interference effects involve iridescence.

Currently, Jenny Magnes is investigating the locomotory predictability of microorganisms using non-linear dynamics in the field of chaos and complexity.

BA, University of Maryland-College Park; BS, Delaware State University; MA, PhD, Temple University
At Vassar since 2007


Sanders Physics
Box 200
By Appointment

Research and Academic Interests

Chaos and Complexity
Diatomic Spectroscopy of Alkalis
Quantum Optics
Opto-Mechanical Techniques

Departments and Programs


PHYS 262 Intensive Topics in Physics

Selected Publications

Recent Publications 

Jenny Magnes, Harold Hastings, Miranda Hulsey-Vincent*, Cheris Congo*, Kathleen Raley-Susman, Anshul Singhvi*, Tyler Hatch*, and Erik Szwed*. Chaotic markers in dynamic diffraction. Appl. Opt.,59(22):6642–6647, Aug 2020

Jenny Magnes and Kathleen Raley-Susman. Understanding Fourier transforms through intuition building. Conference Paper: ESERA’19, Bologna, Italy, Aug 2019

Jenny Magnes and Tyler Hatch*. Fourier transform spectroscopy in the visible range. Conference on Laboratory Instruction Beyond the First Year of College, Baltimore, MD, July 2018

Jenny Magnes, Cheris Congo*, Miranda Hulsey-Vincent*, HaroldHastings, and Kathleen Raley-Susman. Live C. elegans diffraction at a single point. Open Journal of Biophysics, 8:45–55, 2018

Jenny Magnes, Harold M. Hastings, Kathleen M. Raley-Susman, Clara Alivisatos*, Adam Warner*, and Miranda Hulsey-Vincent*.Fourier-based diffraction analysis of live Caenorhabditis elegans. Journal of Visualized Experiments, 127(e56154), 2017

*indicates student author


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