Haohao Lu

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art
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Professor Lu teaches Northern Renaissance and Baroque art. Her research emphasizes sixteenth-century Netherlandish art and its manifestations in intellectual history, play culture, and environmental understanding. She is currently working on a book project titled “Open Secret: Interpretive Risk and Spectatorial Experience of Sixteenth-Century Netherlandish Art” that examines interpretive risk and spectatorial experience of early sixteenth-century Netherlandish art. In addition, she is working on a research project that attends to the notion of habitation in early modern Northern Europe. Professor Lu received her PhD from Indiana University - Bloomington, MPhil from Leiden University, and BA from Beijing Normal University. She has published articles on works of early modern Netherlandish artists, in particular Jan Gossaert and Jan Sanders van Hemessen. Her research has received support from the Mellon Foundation, the Allen Whitehill Clowes Foundation, and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.

BA, Beijing Normal University; MPhil, Leiden University; PhD, Indiana University-Bloomington
At Vassar since 2020


Taylor Hall
Box 702

Departments and Programs


ART 105/106 Introduction to the History of Art and Architecture 
ART 230 Art in the Age of Van Eyck, Dürer, and Bruegel 
ART 231 Art in the Age of Rubens, Rembrandt, and Vermeer 
ART 331 Seminar in Northern European Art:

  • Picturing Sex, Interrogating Desire
  • Visualizing the Mind Game


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