Roberta Antognini, PhD

Associate Professor Emerita of Italian

Roberta Antognini is originally from Canton Ticino in Switzerland, where she currently resides, and has a Laurea in the History of Italian Language from the Università Cattolica di Milano, Italy, and a PhD in Italian Literature from New York University. From 1999 to 2019, when she retired as Associate professor, she taught language, literature, and translation in the Department of Italian. She was chair from 2012 to 2017. Her main research interests lie in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and twentieth-century Italian literature, and literary translation. She is the author of a monograph on Petrarch’s letters, Il progetto autobiografico delle Familiares di Petrarca (LED, 2008), and co-editor of the collection of essays Poscritto a Giorgio Bassani (LED, 2012). In collaboration with Deborah Woodard, she has translated into English Amelia Rosselli’s collections, Hospital Series (New Directions, 2015) and Obtuse Diary (Entre Rios Books, 2018), and the long poem The Dragonfly (Entre Rios Books, forthcoming). After retiring she has continued to read and write and, above all, translate poetry. Presently she is co-translating with Deborah Woodard another collection by Amelia Rosselli, Documento (Document), and with Peter Robinson Giorgio Bassani’s poems, In rima e senza (In Rhyme and Without).