Colette Salyk

Associate Professor of Astronomy

Dr. Salyk teaches courses in planetary science, observational astronomy, and introductory physics. She studies the formation of planets using both ground- and space-based telescopes. In particular, she studies the relationship between protoplanetary disk properties (including chemical composition) and planetary diversity.

BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MS, PhD, California Institute of Technology
At Vassar since 2015


Sanders Physics
Box 71

Research and Academic Interests

Planetary Science; Observational Astronomy

Departments and Programs


ASTR 101 Solar System Astronomy
ASTR 330 Extrasolar planets and planet formation

In the Media

Assistant Professor of Astronomy Colette Salyk was quoted in a Hubblesite announcement about her team using NASA’s Hubble Telescope to view nascent stars resembling flapping “bat wings.”


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Colette Salyk
Photo: Karl Rabe / Vassar College