Christopher J. Smart

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Christopher J. Smart earned his BA in Chemistry at Vassar College (’83) and then did his masters and PhD work at Yale University. Before joining the Vassar College faculty in 1993, Dr. Smart worked as a Staff Scientist at IBM’s T. J. Watson Research Center. At IBM, he helped develop the technique of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to prepare thin films of metal-containing materials from volatile inorganic and organometallic precursors.

Currently, Mr. Smart and his research students are studying the synthesis of carbon nanotubes using metal catalysts prepared by CVD methods, and the chemical functionalization of carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. His fullerene work is focused on the giant fullerenes, C70, C76 and C84. Mr. Smart is also interested in enhancing science education for K-12 students.

BA, Vassar College; PhD, Yale University
At Vassar since 1993


Bridge for Laboratory Sciences
Box 190

Research and Academic Interests

Organometallic chemistry of fullerenes

Departments and Programs


CHEM 244 Organic Chemistry: Structure and Properties
CHEM 342 Advanced Organic Chemistry


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